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 See this as an example of how it should be done

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PostSubject: See this as an example of how it should be done   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:39 pm

Real/Nick/Preferred Name?: Gargs

Age?: 18

Toon name(s): Dr.Garggles

Have you played with our guild before? (PvP, etc) : yes, we have played togheter on purity a bit, and we did a couple of OI runs with the guild leader, as well as some CS with -Eli and Cass.Palmer.

Are you currently in another guild? (if yes explain why): nope, i am currently non-guilded.

Do you Dual Faction? (Play both Light+Fury): i have a fury account for exploration/trading purposes.

Reasons for applying?: i am looking for one of the top 6 guilds for the GH BS, as i m starting to link me end-game gear. also, i like having a couple of select people whom i know are experianced to which i can turn to when i have questions concerning the game, or just looking when looking for a party or reliable pvp buddies.

Shaiya experience?: i started 3-4 years ago on OS where i made lvl 51 UM (mostly solo) before i left for Evolution. after, i tried a couple of other pservers before ending up on this one.

What is your current gear status? (type, is it lapised, enchanted, etc.): i have a full justia set, halfway enchanted, linked with duals and 5's. i also have a lvl 70 weapon Smile

What character classes do you have the most experience with? i like to think of myself as a good bdef, but i learn more everyday Razz

Do you play well solo, in a party, or both?: im pro at solo! and since my HM on OS was a priest, i also learned how to play in teams

Anything else you wish to tell us? i hope to be able to make the cut to join your guild, the people i partied with are nice, and i think (hope) they appreciated me as well Very Happy thank you for taking some of your time to read this.
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See this as an example of how it should be done
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